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Corporate Wellness in Hackensack, NJCorporate wellness workshops in Bergen County

With the rising cost of employee healthcare, employers are looking for ways to decrease healthcare costs.  The team at Conti Chiropractic Center provides corporate wellness workshops and lectures to businesses in and around the Hackensack area.

Healthy employees are not as susceptible to illness and therefore, do not use as many sick days. Healthy and happy employees perform at peak levels and their concentration remains focused for greater periods of time, which leads to better quality work and workmanship. Employee turnover can be a very costly issue for a company. Employees who are valued by their employer are less likely to leave.

Complimentary wellness programs

The entire team of doctors and staff at Conti Chiropractic Center are dedicated to providing not only your employees, but also your company, with personal and customized service. We work with your company to create programs that promote health and wellness at your workplace. Our team members are available to assist you with the specific needs and goals of your organization.

Because this is a complimentary service, the major limitation to companies, fire departments and small businesses has merely been availability of Dr. Conti.  If you are interested in gathering more information, give us a call at (201) 343-8717 and we would be happy to help!

I was in pain but would never see a chiropractor because I didn’t believe they could help.  I had a previous experience with another Chiropractor that did not go well.  At my wife’s prompting, I reluctantly went to see Dr. Conti at Conti Chiropractic Center in Hackensack, NJ who she heard about from a friend. Wow, what a refreshing difference! First time at CCC I sat with Dr. Bob for a detailed conversation about my pain and my medical history.  Then he put me on a table with rollers for my back and electrical muscle stimulation for my neck and back for 20 minutes ! I could not get over the attention I received at his office. I walked in hunched over and by the time I left I was standing up straight. And every visit afterwards I felt better and better.   I also don’t want to forget the office staff. I don’t care if a doctor gets a 5 star rating, if I’m not treated well by the staff I will not be going back there. The staff here, Jess and Fran, and Dr. Conti’s wife Mindy, are friendly, gentle and compassionate. There’s an overall feeling of relaxation in the atmosphere of this office. If you need a chiropractor go see him.  I’m so glad I took the step, one of the best decisions I’ve made for my well being.


John R.


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